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AirPods Leather Case - Black
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AirPods Leather Case - Bone
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Designed to match our core line of wireless charging products, our Italian leather AirPods cases give you the opportunity to both protect and aesthetically upgrade your AirPods. We suggest mixing and matching with your favorite charger from our CATCH line. 

Not sure if your device supports Qi-compatible wireless charging?

Why Choose Courant

Handcrafted Stitching

Additional Cap Adhesive Strip for Snug Fit

Italian-Sourced Materials

luxury materials meets cutting-edge technology

Luxury materials icon gradually appearing as if being drawn in real time

Luxury Materials

We partner with artisans renowned in the high-end interior and designer fashion industries to curate our assortment of shades of Italian leather and Belgian linen.

Award-Winning Design

We integrate intuitive charging technology into smart, sleek, home-inspired shapes to seamlessly complement your of-the-moment interior styles.

“This mini wireless charging device is perfect for the nightstand.”

"If you want to make your desk look as stylish as you do, this tech accessory will impress both you and your coworkers."

How do I put the case on my AirPods? 
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Our leather cases are a 2-piece construction to allow easy opening and closing of the AirPods case itself when in use. The top piece is smaller with a cutout that should face the back of the AirPods case to allow the hinge to move and the bottom piece should have the hole oriented to the front to allow the charging indicator light to shine through.

I have the AirPods case without wireless charging – Will this fit? 
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Yes! Our AirPods case fits the original version of AirPods as well, as they are identical in shape and size with the exception of the charging indicator light.

I have the AirPods case without wireless charging – does this case make those wireless charging compatible? 
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No, this case is protective only and is not designed to add wireless charging function to older generation AirPods that do not have that feature.

The top of my case comes off too easily, what do I do? 
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Our cases our designed with a mild adhesive strip inside the cap – remove the plastic film and place the top of the case back on your AirPods firmly. This is designed to be strong enough to prevent it coming off when opening but not so strong that you cannot remove it if you so choose.

My leather case seems to change color a bit and has some marks over time, is this normal? 
+ -

Leather is an organic material and does change over time with handling because of the oils on our skin. Just like a wallet, this is normal and makes every case unique over time!

Can I still plug my AirPods in using a lightning cable when using this leather case? 
+ -

Yes, our leather cases feature a cut-out to allow wired charging if desired.

Does this leather case have a battery? 
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No, this case is protective only with no electronic components.

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