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August 2021

Making Work-From-Home Work with Danielle Arps

For Danielle Arps, interior design is only one step in her quest to connect property owners with their dream spaces. With her all-in-one brokerage, design and building firm ‘Artisan’ launching later this year, Danielle and her team are the best in the business to help yours. With a simple, minimalist style, Danielle is able to create the perfect environment for innovation to fill the room. 

With an impressive background in designing startup office spaces, she is the ultimate authority on guiding an intentional and productive working environment in a remote working era. To learn Danielle’s tips and tricks, read on.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I've had my own award winning interior design firm that caters to startup office spaces for 7 years but have recently expanded my company and brand to include brokerage and project management.  We will relaunch as 'Artisan' this year and I'm very excited about it! 

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

I'm definitely more of a minimalist so every item I choose has to be special and striking on its own. 

What trends are you most excited about? 

I'm very into this organically shaped furniture that is super trendy at the moment. It envelops you and makes you feel comfortable while making any space look incredibly stylish. 

Where do you derive inspiration for your spaces? 

Being in NYC, inspiration is literally everywhere — the architecture, the art galleries and the fashion house window displays I see around the city are some of my favorites. 

Being in NYC, inspiration is literally everywhere...

With many people working from home for the first time, is there any advice you'd give to people styling their first at-home office space? 

I'd recommend carving out an area that (if possible) you're able to close/put away once you're done with your work day.  Whether this is a closet or a pull out desk inside an armoire, it's valuable to be able to separate your work from your home, even if they are in the same space!  If virtual meetings are an important part of your work, make sure you're cognizant of what's in your background.  Maybe style a bookshelf or have a neutral piece of artwork in the background so you have a professional feel to your home space.

How do you style your Courant charger?

The CATCH:3 is so beautiful and multifunctional. It's a charger and a tray, so even if I'm not using it for my phone, it's this lovely vessel that holds and highlights the objects that I place on it.  I love the CATCH:2 because I'm always looking around for a second charging device! This allows me to power my phone and headphones at the same time, this is life saver when I'm in a rush.

The CATCH:3 is so beautiful and multifunctional. It's a charger and a tray, so even if I'm not using it for my phone, it's this lovely vessel that holds and highlights the objects that I place on it. 

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