Tech for your spaces.
We create beautiful tech accessories that seamlessly integrate into your home and surrounding life.

Seamless Integration

Our simple user-experience and product forms are designed to equip each room of your home with effortless charging. Courant replaces cables tucked in couches and draped across tables with beautiful wireless solutions built around your charging needs as you move throughout the home.

Our Materials

We partner with leading craftsmen to create our signature materials, including handmade leather from the west coast of Italy like Santa Croce in Tuscany, known for supplying the fashion industries most coveted designer labels, or Verona, trusted for its high-end interior applications for decades.

Built for Today

Products for your everyday life at home, on-the-go and in the places between. Our goal is to power your life and the devices you use most.

Two men looking at computer with Courant designs

Designed in NYC

From industrial design to content creation, everything we do is in-house at our Soho office in New York, with a team of some of today’s best creative minds and brand builders.

At first glance the CATCH:3 is an attractive catchall tray. But it can do something far fancier than hold your change: The Italian leather tray also charges any device that’s compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Courant creates leather-wrapped wireless chargers that are more than just functional – they’re covetable.

If your office space is constantly cluttered with charging cables, this elegant charging pad is here to change that.

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