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MAG:1 Classics - Black
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MAG:1 Classics - Ash
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The MAG:1 is a magnetic, wireless travel-friendly charger wrapped in designer-quality Italian Leather and sleek matte aluminum alloy.


Why Choose MAG:1?

    • Compatible with the latest MagSafe technology from Apple
    • Made for travel - this charger works best on the go where space saving is top of mind—we love it in airports, hotel rooms, and coffee shops, or wherever you might find yourself needing a charge.
    • Plugs into wall outlets, iPads and laptops with USB-C
    • Comes with a Courant-branded travel pouch for easy, organized storage
    • Features an extra-long charging cord (6 feet), allowing you extra length when outlets are frustratingly placed

For full magnetic compatibility, we recommend using MAG:1 with the iPhone 12, 13 or 14.


This product does not come with a power adapter. 

A Customer Favorite

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Not sure if your device supports Magnetic-compatible wireless charging?

Why Choose Courant

Snap-to Functionality

High-Quality Materials

Travel Pouch Feature

luxury materials meets cutting-edge technology

Luxury materials icon gradually appearing as if being drawn in real time

Luxury Materials

We partner with artisans renowned in the high-end interior and designer fashion industries to curate our assortment of shades of Italian leather and Belgian linen.

Award-Winning Design

We integrate intuitive charging technology into smart, sleek, home-inspired shapes to seamlessly complement your of-the-moment interior styles.

“This mini wireless charging device is perfect for the nightstand.”

"If you want to make your desk look as stylish as you do, this tech accessory will impress both you and your coworkers."

Is the MAG:1 compatible with the new iPhone 13? 
+ -

Yes, this product is compatible with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Mini.

Do you use real leather on the products? 
+ -

Yes! Our leather is sourced from Tuscany, Italy, specifically in a region known for high-quality leather, made famous by some of today’s biggest fashion brands.

Is the Apple Watch compatible? 
+ -

No. The Apple Watch is not currently on the Qi wireless charging standard.

Is my phone compatible? 
+ -

Please see a full list of compatible devices here. For Apple specifically, all devices after the iPhone 12 are compatible.

Is magnetic charging as fast as plugging in your phone? 
+ -

Our products can charge up to 15W, which is faster than charging your phone when using a standard 5W power adapter (included in most smartphone boxes).

Are AirPods compatible? 
+ -

The latest release of AirPods (AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case) are compatible.

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