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Wireless charging, for your home.

Our material selection is curated purposefully to blend in to your living spaces, not stick out.

Italian Leather
Belgian Linen

Italy's Best

There is no substitute for genuine, hand-stitched Italian leather. We partner with skilled craftsmen in the northern city of Arzignano to source the same leather coveted internationally by designer fashion houses. Our 100% genuine leather is Blue Angel Certified and sourced only from LWG Gold-Rated Tanneries to provide the highest quality material for a unique luxury charging experience.
Italy map

What Makes our Leather Special?

  • Sourced from the same leather artisans that supply international fashion houses to create a designer charging experience
  • Our leather is Blue Angel Certified, recognized for responsible, sustainable consumption
  • We work with only the Leather Working Group’s Gold-rated tanneries to emphasize our commitment to traceability, environmental policies and procedures, energy and water consumption and worker safety.
  • Textured with a durable pebble leather finish to add a refined, designer touch that looks as good as it works.
Blue Angel, The German Ecolabel
Gold Rated Audited Against LWG Standards

Designer Quality

We work with tanneries relied on by major fashion houses and luxury brands for their handbags, wallets, and footwear, as well as couture designers for upholstery. Our chargers use only full grain leathers that are traditionally selected for applications that endure a significant amount of wear and tear.

Belgium's Finest

The topography, climate, and soil composition of the shared region between France and the Netherlands make for an ideal growing environment for linen. Belgium, nestled in the very center, is home to the world’s best. All of our linen is produced in accordance with regulations and standards set by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp - uniting farmers, linen artisans, and weavers under fair wages and universal benefits.
Belgium map
Linen Texture Swatch

Sustainable by Nature

  • Utilizes only rainwater in its harvesting rather than harmful irrigation practices that use synthetic materials and protectors like GMOs.
  • Flax plants are fully biodegradable after use, making it one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world.
  • Processed in a certified low energy, carbon neutral facility that utilizes green energy practices like solar power and electric vehicle fleets for transportation.
  • Our weaves use the entirety of the flax plant, leaving no wastage in the cultivation processes.
OEKO-TEXT Confidence in Textiles - Standard 100
Belgian Linen
CO2 Neutral Company

Durable Construction & Linen Fiber

Trusted for decades in upholstery, home furnishings, tailoring - and now in wireless charging. We utilize a resilient fiber weave to maintain aesthetic and structural integrity over time.
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