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February 2022

Styling your Entryway for Spring with Courant

Whether your space is in need of a quick clean or a total revamp, we could all benefit from a bit of spring cleaning. Now’s the time to start storing away our Winter layers as we thaw out our lighter, brighter interiors for the warmer weather ahead — starting with the space that sets the tone for the rest of your home, your entryway! A functional space that does not have to sacrifice style. Here are our tips for a spring-ready entryway.

1. A signature scent

Nothing says fresh and clean quite like a space that smells good as soon as you walk through the door. Opt for a reed diffuser or a chic candle that doubles as decor, some of our favorites are from BoySmells!


2. Your favorite clothing pieces as decor

When you’re not wearing it, why not show it off. Having a favorite accessory, like shoes or a go-to hat strategically placed shows off your sense of style and makes leaving the home easy without cluttering your space


3. Florals for a springtime touch

The perfect way to welcome warmer weather into your space: florals for a natural, easy-to-swap decor. Opt for the flower of the season or your favorite faux variety to last you all spring long.


4. Storage that makes organization fun

The key to spring cleaning that lasts all season long, efficient organization. Our friends at OpenSpaces are our go-to’s for storage solutions we *love* to show off.


5. A catchall to hold (and charge) your everyday carry

For your most important items that seem to always get lost, catchalls are key. We may be biased, but the CATCH:3 single device charger and valet tray provides an elevated home to contain, display and most importantly *charge* everything you need to grab and go. Available in home-inspired tones of Italian leather and Belgian linen!


6. Plants!

This one’s easy. Nothing says spring like plants. Even if spring has yet to sprung outside, bring Spring indoors with a few choice natural touches. Try The Sill for easy-to-you plant delivery.

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