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July 2022

What is MAG?

Introducing, Courant's new MAG collection for the latest in charging technology. 

You may heard the term “MagSafe” around the tech space — but may not know what it means. 

As phone models evolve, so does the charging technology. MagSafe is a magnetically-attached wireless charging transfer designed by Apple as a feature for the iPhone 12 and above, as well as the AirPods 3rd Generation. This feature creates a magnetic snap between MagSafe-compatible chargers and your device to charge conveniently and easily each time. 

This magnetic attachment eliminates dead zones or inconsistencies due to placement that might have been experienced with standard Qi wireless chargers. With the Courant MAG collection, finally this new technology is available in the elevated Courant aesthetic for well-designed spaces. 

Currently only iPhone 12, 13, and the AirPods Gen 3 are compatible with MagSafe, but we firmly believe that Apple’s newest products from here on will follow suit. As an electronics brand with a focus on charging, it was very natural for us to start developing our MAG collection. The Courant MAG collection will feature the same core shades and textured beloved from our original CATCH suite.

The MAG:1 is currently available to shop on our website Stay tuned for more announcements on our MAG line to perfect wireless charging across your home spaces.

 If you have the iPhone models 8-11, or use Samsung or Google devices, our original CATCH suite is still the best choice for you. For a full list of compatibility options, check out our guide

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