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The MAG:1 is a magnetic, wireless travel-friendly charger wrapped in designer-quality Belgian Linen and a soft-touch, matte frame.

Why Choose MAG:1?

    • Compatible with the latest MagSafe technology from Apple
    • Made for travel - this charger works best on the go where space saving is top of mind—we love it in airports, hotel rooms, and coffee shops, or wherever you might find yourself needing a charge.
    • Plugs into wall outlets, iPads and laptops with USB-C
    • Comes with a Courant-branded travel pouch for easy, organized storage
    • Features an extra-long charging cord (6 feet), allowing you extra length when outlets are frustratingly placed

For full magnetic compatibility, we recommend using MAG:1 with the iPhone 12, 13 or 14.


This product does not come with a power adapter. 

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Why Choose Courant

Snap-to Functionality

Quality Materials

Travel Pouch Feature

luxury materials meets cutting-edge technology

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Luxury Materials

We partner with artisans renowned in the high-end interior and designer fashion industries to curate our assortment of shades of Italian leather and Belgian linen.

Award-Winning Design

We integrate intuitive charging technology into smart, sleek, home-inspired shapes to seamlessly complement your of-the-moment interior styles.


The Curation

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Is the Mag:1 compatible with the new iPhone 13? 
+ -

Yes, this product is compatible with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Mini.

Is the Apple Watch compatible? 
+ -

No. The Apple Watch is not currently on the Qi wireless charging standard.

Is my phone compatible? 
+ -

Please see a full list of compatible devices here. For Apple specifically, all devices after the iPhone 8 are compatible.

Is magnetic charging as fast as plugging in your phone? 
+ -

Our products can charge up to 15W, which is faster than charging your phone when using a standard 5W power adapter (included in most smartphone boxes).

Are AirPods compatible? 
+ -

The latest release of AirPods (AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case) are compatible.

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