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October 2021

Building a Brand Without Boundaries with Dan Joo, Haerfest

As half of the duo behind workplace accessory brand Haerfest, Dan Joo knows how important it is to surround yourself with quality, design-driven elements to inspire productivity. Haerfest’s line of work bags, tech accessories and apparel are intentionally built to support your every move —  from your commute to your work-from-home setup. 

Like Courant, Haerfest’s NYC-born aesthetic gives the brand an elevated and sophisticated look, without compromising a cool street-style effortlessness or everyday durability. The gritty emerging entrepreneur or established professional will find inspiration in Dan and Tim’s creations. Read on to hear our conversation with Dan, where he reveals the simple measures he makes in his professional and personal life to be the main character in his own story. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm the co-founder of Haerfest. I'm a curious entrepreneur, a proud father to a loving family, and a self-taught computer geek. Growing up in New York, I've loved the character of the people in this city and enjoyed learning about different cultures.

How do you style your Courant charger?

My favorite products are the CATCH:3 and Carry. I use them together to easily charge all my devices. The stacking feature is especially convenient so that I'm not bound to wires. I can set it and forget it, then take it when I need it. 

I can set it and forget it, then take it when I need it. 

What inspired you to start Haerfest?

I've always liked the idea of building a world and designing products that I believed could help people in their lives. Living in this new era of work, we wanted to design products that go where our customers go so that they could build without boundaries. We started with a series of tailored backpacks that gave you the freedom to work anywhere and now we design products that give you the freedom to tell your story.

How would you describe your personal decor style and aesthetic? 

I would describe my workplace as scrappy, industrial, raw and self-built. I've set up my space in a way that feels like I'm living my own underdog story. 

What's on your desk right now that helps you stay organized at work?

 My primary work device is my Macbook Pro laptop, so my setup revolves around plugging in and plugging out. My Dell desktop monitor is great for the extra display space. I use a self-healing cutting mat for designing but I like that it doubles as a desk/mouse pad to anchor my setup. Staying hydrated (and caffeinated) is always important, so I like to have my Haerfest water bottle always around at arms-length. I'm really big on gadgets to keep me entertained throughout the day, so I like having my Kindle for a quick read or my Bose headphones when listening to music. 

I try to stay organized by giving each of my items its own designated space. A place for my thoughts, in which I use my whiteboard, and a place for my things, which is why I particularly love my CATCH:3. It's a perfectly designed tray to keep my keys, apple watch, and air pods from getting lost. Also, the fact that I can charge my phone/carry wirelessly just makes my life that much easier. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring entrepreneur? 

You don't have to do things the way the world has done things. The fun part of your journey is making your own path and writing your own rules. Being your own boss means having the freedom to be yourself and live your own story.


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