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October 2021

Finding Inspiration in the Unconventional with Forbes Masters

For Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, the secret to a successfully designed space is taking a personal approach to understanding their clients' needs. After their paths crossed professionally in 2015, the two have burgeoned an impressive career together with their namesake design firm, Forbes Masters. Through trust, personalization and bespoke finishes, Tavia and Monet have been recognized as rising stars featured by Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, to name only two. 

In a conversation with the inspirational designing duo, we asked Tavia and Monet about what inspires them. Read on to hear their musings on the future of bold, eclectic style and the power of being present — and having a charged phone while you do it!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Forbes Masters is an interior design studio that specializes in everything from collaborating to conceptualization. We, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, established a professional friendship while assisting each other’s projects and officially joined forces in the summer of 2015. We both share an affinity for bold, eclectic designs which marries vision, personality, and lifestyles to become personalized and infused with each client’s individual style.

What inspired each of you to become an interior designer?

MM: I have always been fascinated by design, even from a young age. Seeing how someone lives can tell you so much. I love people and so getting to know them throughout their project and learning how to really cultivate a space for them is what makes our job fun.

TF: I was introduced to design through my father who was a cabinetry craftsman. Growing up in New York City, he would take me to his different projects. Seeing the process of how everything came together led me to thinking of design more from a holistic approach. I learned not just how to recognize a beautiful space, but what makes it beautiful.

How would you each describe your interior design style?

Our style is based in eclectic design that features an array of design elements, from bold prints to rich colors to heavy textures. Our goal is to design spaces that are as unique as our clients.

How do you choose to style your Courant charger?

Our favorite Courant product is the CARRY Portable Wireless Phone Charger. We spend so much of our lives on the go, from project sites to shopping trips: having a power bank that we can throw in our bag and essentially utilize anywhere is perfect. We also love its sleek design and the functionality of not having to carry around an extra cord like you do with most other charging banks.

What trends are you most excited about?

We are both excited about seeing bold, rich colors come back around. People are starting not only to use colors in just a supporting role, but are really letting these colors dictate the design of their spaces.

Where do you derive inspiration for your spaces from?

MM: I find inspiration all around. For me, it is really important to be present in life’s moments. Part of being present is taking in everything that surrounds you. Once you start being intentional about the way you see the world, you find inspiration in the most “unconventional” things.

TF: I take a lot of inspiration from the past. I love learning about different historical periods and the trends that were popular. I then like to conceptualize how those trends can be brought into our time and updated to give them a timeless feel.

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