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November 2021

Essentials Collection, One of Oprah's Favorite Things 2021!

It’s official! The Courant Essentials Collection has been named one Oprah’s Favorite Things. We’re delighted and proud to share the news that all three products in our new Belgian linen Essentials collection have been met with such a distinction. 

"These wireless charging pads return to Favorite Things! The linen finish is new, and it looks beautiful on a nightstand. The small size is great for travel, medium can charge multiple items, and the large one can juice all your tech at once, plus it has a tray for jewelry and other odds and ends."

As Oprah says on

We’re honored to have been featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for THREE years now. Our most loyal fans will remember the CATCH:3 featured in 2018, the CATCH:2 in 2019, and now, the full Essentials collection in 2021. While the first two features were pretty special, having all of our product styles on the list this year feels even better. 

As the holidays roll around, we look forward to fulfilling your gifting needs for everyone on your list. From the late-night TikTok scroller, to the professional heading back to the office, to the entertainer looking for the functional-yet-beautiful home decor item - we see you, and we’re happy to be the no-brainer gift for everyone on your list. 

This is all to say, thank you! To Oprah Daily, Hearst and most importantly, to our customers (first purchasers and returning shoppers alike) - we appreciate all your love. 

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