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September 2021

Introducing: Cortado

Meet our newest Classic, made for well-styled spaces.

We’re very excited to celebrate the start of the holiday season early with our most requested colorway yet: Cortado

Our customers are design-inspired and detail-oriented, seeking a refined solution to their phone charging needs. Cortado, a buff beige with gold accents, adds a warmth to the Courant color story. With the success of our last Classics collection, the bold and rustic Saddle, Cortado adds a soft and refined tone to our Classics line. Where traditional white charging cables are eye-sores, the Courant CATCH suite in Cortado is a product of timeless sophistication that we feel perfectly rounds out the Classics leather collection. 

We first fell in love with the Cortado shade as we developed it back in 2019, but wanted to wait until the timing felt just right. As we focus more on designing products for the home, we believe this launch to be more timely than ever in a post COVID world. 

Cortado is more than just a new leather color. It also ushers in fabrication we’ve had our eyes on for a while — gold frames. Cortado’s tawny leather wrap sits atop a brushed gold frame for a chic, stunning look from every angle, making it a first-of-its-kind phone charger to double up as a statement piece. 

The Cortado collection is available in our three best-selling CATCH product forms, and will be available for purchase starting September 23, 2021. We can’t wait for you to try our latest home charging dream. 

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