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August 2021

Introducing: Courant Essentials

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest collection – Essentials.

Essentials is Courant’s first collection of wireless chargers inspired by and created specifically for the home. After a year of storyboarding hundreds of home interior photos, sampling numerous new materials and listening to customer feedback for more affordable price points, our latest line was born. When considering all material options, in particular cost-friendly options that did not sacrifice quality, one stood out from the rest: Belgian linen

Linen Material

All chargers in the Essentials collection are wrapped in high-quality Belgian linen with a color-matched, soft-touch ABS frame, providing functionality and style, while blending seamlessly into the backdrop of any home. Our linen is also highly sustainable, coming from a supplier in Belgium that is run through a certified low-energy, carbon-neutral and solar powered facility that utilizes green electricity for production. 

Inspired by hues naturally found in the home, the three core colors of the Essentials collection are Charcoal (inspired by our best-selling Black leather chargers), Natural (a cool, easy-going hue that truly blends with everything), and Camel (a subtle but unique tone that provides an appropriate pop of color). The tranquil, balanced palette of the Essentials collection works well in any room of the house - living room, bedroom, entryway -  making each charger the perfect counterpart for your favorite chenille couch or walnut side table. 

"We're so excited to introduce our Essentials line to the world. This is a collection for our customers who love their living spaces and care about the details. Belgian linen is a unique and beautiful material, rarely seen in the world of electronics, that pops beautifully in your living room, home, office, and bedside. We love the products, and we hope you do too!" — Monish Sabnani, co-founder. 

The Essentials collection is now live in our three signature CATCH styles, CATCH:1, CATCH:2 and CATCH:3. Order today to be the first to receive the new line at the beginning of September. 


Team Courant

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