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May 2021

Designing Inspired Spaces with Tina Rich, The Playhouse

We first discovered our latest featured interior designer, Tina Rich, after hours of aimless scrolling through her design studio’s Instagram account “The Playhouse”. This colorful and playful design studio features artisans and artworks from Tina and co-founder Tali Roth’s favorite walks of life. 

Just like our team at Courant, Tina Rich is an NYC-local whose interiors are designed with an emphasis on casual functionality, with infusions of Mediterranean fixtures. We recently sat down, digitally of course, with the designer to chat about inspiration, trends she’s excited about and Courant simplifies hectic schedules and spaces. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

After design school, I moved to NYC (on a whim, 10 years ago!) to start my career.  I got my foot in the door working for a prominent interior and furniture designer and decided to go out on my own a couple years later.  My work has evolved from doing a lot of commercial work in the beginning to now focusing on residential spaces, which I really LOVE.  I live in Brooklyn with my husband and daughter and we’re expecting a little boy in July!

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

Part Scandinavian, part Mediterranean, always clean and modern, but layered.  You’ll find handmade ceramics, moroccan rugs, and blonde wood in almost all my designs.  I love incorporating custom designed furniture, vintage pieces, and the work of up-and-coming artists and makers. 

With many people working from home for the first time, is there any advice you’d give to people styling their first at-home office space?

Obviously function is key…a comfortable office chair, plenty of desk space, natural lighting, but I think the aesthetic is equally as important.  Your office space should feel inspiring and filled with pieces you LOVE. Since we’re spending so much time in our homes (and home offices), it’s so important that our surroundings keep us inspired and sane.  A gorgeous piece of art or a piece of furniture you love goes a long way!

Since we're spending so much time in our homes (and offices), it's so important that our surroundings keep us inspired and sane. 

What is your favorite Courant product and how did you choose to style your Courant charger in your home or office?

It’s so hard to choose just one!  Since I have a toddler at home, I play musical offices.  I work mostly from my bedroom or take calls in her nursery while she’s playing upstairs or work at the dining table while she’s napping.  I have a Catch 1 that lives in her Nursery or at the Dining Table, a CATCH:2 in the Living Room, and a CATCH:3 by my bed. It feels like my phone is constantly running low on battery so I love that I can just throw it on in any room. I love my CATCH:3 by my bed for my jewelry, face oil, and Palo Santo.  

It feels like my phone is constantly running low on battery so I love that I can just throw it on in any room.

What trends are you most excited about?

I don’t know if it’s a trend (I hope not so it doesn’t get overdone!) but I'm really inspired by simplicity of Japanese architecture and design at the moment and the Wabi Sabi (perfectly imperfect) vibe of anything handmade and natural.  I’ve always loved blonde wood, clean lines, handmade pottery, and lantern pendants. 

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