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"If your office space is constantly cluttered with charging cables, this elegant charging pad is here to change that."

"[Courant] proves that function and fashion can coexist."

"A sleek and convenient way to stay charged at all times."

An Architectural Digest Best of 2021 Select, The Essentials Collection.

luxury materials meets cutting-edge technology

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Luxury Materials

We partner with artisans renowned in the high-end interior and designer fashion industries to curate our assortment of shades of Italian leather and Belgian linen.

Award-Winning Design

We integrate intuitive charging technology into smart, sleek, home-inspired shapes to seamlessly complement your of-the-moment interior styles.

Revive Your Home & Recharge Your Phone

We designed our chargers to effortlessly fit right into every room and smartly power up any device.

Outfit Your Home With Courant

Recommendations for your space in under a minute.

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Meet our Blog:

Stay courant on tech trends, design tips, and more over on our new blog, The Curation.

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